About (Because I’m Not Famous Enough for Wikipedia)

Friends, Historians, Dwellers of the Internet, lend me your ears!

Or better yet, lend me your eyeballs so you can read this blog.

I am Emily-Paigradge Taylor, originally from rural Oregon but currently living in the big city of Chicago IL.  I’m a first year PhD student in the joint U.S. and Public History program at Loyola University, Chicago.

I like to say that my research area is the conglomerated love-child of history, architecture, and computer science.  For professional purposes I list my research interests as public history, historic houses, museums, and digital humanities.

Speaking of digital humanities, that is what this blog is about!  I won’t try to define digital humanities or public digital humanities for you, that has already been done ad nauseum and by much more accomplished scholars than yours truly.  Instead, I will subject you all to my revelations about public digital humanities as I study the subject in the Public History New Media / Introduction to Digital Humanities class at LUC in the Fall of 2018.

Hold on for the ride, and let’s learn together!

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