Digital Story Telling and Michigan’s Immigrants

The Minnesota’s Immigrants website hosts a video collection of stories told by immigrants and the immediate descendants of immigrants. While the website design is clean and attractive, the organization of it does not make much sense and the visible metadata was inconsistently written, particularly the descriptions. Some of these videos have been curated into a... Continue Reading →

A Brief Affair with Podcasts

I am the kind of person who sings the wrong lyrics to songs on the radio, always uses subtitles on Netflix, and frequently must ask people to repeat themselves.  I do not absorb audio information particularly well and would rather have written instructions over verbal instructions any day of the week.  For these reasons I... Continue Reading →

A Halloween Adventure: OCR Horror Story

(Featured Image: "Ichabod Crane pursued by the Headless Horseman", by F.O.C. Darley, 1849) This week I examined different means of digital text analysis and, in keeping with the spirit of Halloween I chose for my sample text Washington Irving’s classic American gothic horror story: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I selected an 1893 print of Rip Van... Continue Reading →

Virtual Chicago

(Featured Image: Screenshots from Chicago 00) This week I took two Virtual Reality (VR) tours produced by the Chicago History Museum (CHM).  These tours are the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre tour, which has its own app, and the 1968 DNC Protests tour, which is based in YouTube.  The CHM put these tours together well.  The... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

For this week’s blog post I visited an alternate reality!  Well, I followed the course of an Alternate Reality Game created as a promotion for the video game “No Man’s Sky”.  That counts right? In his book “The New Digital storytelling”, Bryan Alexander defines an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) as “a combination of story and... Continue Reading →

Dabbling in Dublin Core

(Featured Image James Broome Photography) The first time I worked with metadata, or was at least aware I was doing so, I tried to explain the concept to my mother who describes herself as “computer illiterate”.  This is the way I ended up explaining it to her:  if a piece of data was a printed... Continue Reading →

Little House on the History Web

(Featured Image: Nightingale-Brown House as listed on the National Register of Historic Places . Reference number 89001242) It is the curse of scholars, artists, and creators of all sorts to look back on previous work and cringe.  But I think it is a healthy exercise for us to review our old work and reflect on it in... Continue Reading →

Telegram For A Stranger

While Katherine Stubbs’ contribution to In New Media: 1740-1915, “Telegraphy’s Corporeal Fictions”, bears a title intimidating enough that it was the only option left when the class sign-up sheet reached me at the end of the line, the actual chapter was engaging in both its prose and content.  Stubbs takes a look the telegram, or... Continue Reading →

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